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Hi, and thanks for stopping by this page. I thought that since I am just one person among 7 billion, I'd like to introduce myself. Naturally, I don't want to bore you with my life story, and this certainly isn't the platform for it. But just in case you might be interested in how I got on this path, the following will help you understand a little bit about me.

I was about eight years old when I had my first premonition. Then one month before my maternal grandmother died, I dreamed she was telling me that 'she was going'. I did not dare tell my mother for fear of a beating, so I wrote the date in my diary: 12 May. One month later my mother received a letter from Portugal to say that her mother had died. The date of her death was 12 May!  Three weeks before the civil war started in Lebanon in 1975, I was in a very agitated state. On several occasions, my boss would insist I go home, as he assumed I wasn't feeling well. But physically, I was fine. It was this 'sense of doom? that was driving me to despair.

Very early on I learned that when you believe something very strongly, others leave you alone. I always seemed to have some very clever arguments that came to my aid out of thin air which left the teachers (in elementary school) dumb-founded and caused them to give in after a while.  Therefore, I gained a reputation for being 'troublesome'.  When I was given a punishment (lines, or an assignment to do), I used to sing, think of wonderful things and basically used the repetition of the lines to practise my handwriting skills.  It didn't feel like punishment although I was 'locked up' alone. In fact, without realising it, I was 'replacing a negative with a positive'. It is a method for which teachers of spirituality today charge a lot of money to teach people how to replace an adverse situation with a positive story.

We had our first television set when I was twelve years old, so it was only natural that I could read very well by the time I was five years old. I immersed myself in books for entertainment. My little sister seemed to know when I had found a good read and would hijack the book when it was not in my hands. We'd have fights over whose book it was. Once she even hid the book in the refrigerator so that I wouldn't find it!

I started looking for answers to 'things' very early in my life and have probably read about 4,000 books (if not more) on the subject of spirituality. After a while though, the answers seemed to just come in the midst of situations that I was experiencing, allowing me to stop and ponder that 'Ah ha' moment.

Having spent most of my life living in different cultural environments I experienced a whole plethora of racism as well as trying to adapt to the peculiar ideas, rules and cultural codes of people with whom I had to study, work, and share my daily activities. Most of the time, even as a little girl, it seemed as though I was on the outside 'looking in' on them. I was never readily accepted wherever I went. Now I believe that everything I experienced in my life - from the terrifying to the incredible/to the weird, and especially/to the great warmth of strangers - was to open my eyes and my mind to how diverse, wonderful, quirky, strange, yet basically similar, we are to each other. Instead of forming an opinion about them it was really meant to highlight what and how we feel about ourselves. Our opinion is not really about others, but how we feel and think about ourselves. I have learned that people say nasty things out of a sense of fear that they have, and usually it has nothing to do with the person on the receiving end. 



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Source Disclaimer & Copyright
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The reason this site evolved from one of spirituality and motivation into the area of healing is due to my frustration and disgust with the medical community especially after my father was misdiagnosed with TB.  A week prior to the misdiagnosis, he had been admitted to Prince of Wales Hospital (POWH) in Sydney, Australia, for anorexia/severe weight loss, but had no other underlying issues.  Although he assured the specialists at POWH that he had no symptoms of that terrible disease and refused treatment, they advised us that in any case he could not be treated until he had put on a substantial amount of weight (he weighed only 42 kgs/92 lbs) and was aged 89 (and mentally very alert).  Yet secretly they went ahead and treated him with 5 very powerful antibiotics [he was still refusing to eat].  We had believed he was in good hands. He died 2 weeks later in a lot of pain.  That's when we found out that he had been given the treatment (which poisoned him).

They even lied on his death certificate which stated that he had TB for 1 year, liver failure for 1 year and sepsis for 3days (The sepsis was caused by the antibiotics which had poisoned his blood).  I only discovered he did not have TB when I demanded an investigation and I stood my ground until the specialist, Dr. Hazel Fern Goldberg, cracked after 3 hours of maintaining her silence and said my father did NOT have TB and they had made a mistake! I would never have known had I not persisted in finding answers. Neither she nor the hospital had  bothered to advise us of this important matter. As if that were not enough, when I asked for another meeting with the director of the hospital, the head of the Lung unit at POWH did his best to try to intimidate me. In his anger he let slip that they had given my father daily laxatives and anti-depressants (to a patient who was anorexic and not eating anything!). Yet they never bothered to use their common sense to hydrate him with an IV line at any time. They didn't monitor his food intake or anything (yet they assured us they did. It even states that they did so in his file! which was a big lie).  They probably thought that we were blind and would not notice or would be too fearful to say anything because they were doctors. But we noted that when the kitchen people took his tray and added it to their trolley tower containing other trays, no-one made any notification that it had remained untouched!

A year later when I contracted the parasite, Blastocystis Hominis, while on holiday in the Middle East, doctors in Australia did not know how to treat me and some were downright rude. One told me not to bother him again and to stay away from his rooms.  Another told me that she was a busy doctor and I was wasting her time - she had suggested I eat a lot of meat to treat it!!!!  Another doctor totally ignored my plight and was more interested in discussing my previous illnesses.

If I were to go on with medical mistakes, medical misdiagnoses, racism in hospitals, and downright nastiness, I'd need far too many pages to recount the stories.

I now treat myself with a myriad of alternative methods that I have learned over the years.  In fact, when I see TV programmes of how people are 'treated' by being cut, burned and drugged, I squirm and feel so sorry for them.  I have had many health issues in my life and some so serious that doctors I saw said that I was irresponsible to ignore the treatment courses they were offering to save my life.  One even involved cutting my throat from ear-to-ear!  Well, I saved myself from that and other really big ones and left them wondering how I had done it (at that time I just had the basic information on how to work with my body's intelligence system)!  

Thanks for your time,


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