Your Energy Pathways

with Aline Habesch

The State of Your EMOTIONS

Being Positive or Negative & their Implications for you

When you are happy, joyous, healthy, you smile, laugh, and speak only of good things, you are creating (vibrating) positive energy. The Opposite: when you cry, gossip, are sad, angry, vengeful, or stressed, you are creating (vibrating) negative energy. The strength of your emotions generates similar energy.

Whatever your energy may be, you have to attract the same kind of energy in return. Imagine it like something in you bouncing off (because you send it out) and coming back to you stronger.

Therefore vibrating in positive or negative conditions, will attract to you all that is in line with that energy. Example your TV channels have to be set to the correct frequency of the Television Station or you won't be able to see anything on your screen. This applies to radios too. If the dial is not exactly on the station's frequency, you will have a lot of static or hear nothing. This process includes mobile phones, electricity (you have to have a connection) and any kind of energy.

  • When you are kindness, you will attract kindness.
  • When you are respectful, you will be respected.
  • When you are 'loving', you will attract true love.
  • When you believe 'money is good' you will attract money.

Energy follows its similar energy and that is why when it doesn't align, we cannot attain a goal or achieve what we desire.  E.g. if you have an appliance with a wattage of 110 it will only operate if you plug it into a 110 power point (or else there will be an explosion). A 220 appliance won't work in a 110 power point as the power feed is too low.  Everything in the universe is made of energy (lighting, thunder, climate temperature, waves, wind, etc.). It's the same with humans.  Every cell in your body (& we have about 50 trillion of them) is a battery that emits a tiny amount of energy (1.4 volts). You can measure your heart's energy (beats) with a cardiogram and brain energy with an electroencephalogram.  You even have to be in alignment with your own body.  When you are sick your temperature will fall or rise throwing you off your correct body temperature (between 36.12–37.8 °C (97.02–100.04 °F)).

To make a connection with someone, your energy (signal) has to be in alignment or synchronicity with theirs): "birds of a feather fly together."  "Like attracts like."  When the signals don't align, they can't harmonise with you (like the hairdryer won't work if it is not plugged into the same energy). That is also why sometimes you may feel an irrational dislike of someone you have just met. Or vice versa, if your energy signals are in-line with someone you meet across a crowded room, you'll immediately make a connection with them. That's the same energy at play when you may remember a person long after a fleeting glance at them from some distance away.

Note that some people are not meant to be enlightened or emancipated.  They remain like sheep in their pack to follow the shepherd. Others are meant to leave the pack and do special things.  Everyone has a particular assignment in this life.  you cannot move or (advance) if you're carrying too much useless baggage or are lugging people who do not have the same life 'requirements'.

Some people find themselves asking, "Why I am I here?"  There is an unfulfilled need inside of them to find their 'true' calling instead of following the same path as everyone else.  Those people are propelled to 'other' things that the rest of the population would not have considered for one minute. The journey to find your true calling can be fraught with problems and by no means smooth-sailing.  But those lessons along the way are usually necessary to strengthen your resolve and help you become strong.  There will be lessons to learn along the way for your growth.  As they say, 'everything happens for a reason' and these reasons - that you may assume to be difficult/painful/ridiculous are all there to help you to perhaps stop and think of a better strategy or a different direction, etc.

The problem is that the majority of people live their lives based on how others have directed them to do so. That's why people become dissatisfied. The emptiness inside will make you resent many things that are really not the problem.  The real problem is that you have ignored yourself, the power within & your blueprint for this life.  When you finally find yourself alone, then you can perhaps begin to tap into your power/your soul/spirit/ and the awesomeness within.  But wherever you are, you're in the right place as perhaps you still need time till that 'magic key opens the lock to your true unique self.'

Regarding losing the ones you love, I just wanted to reassure you that evolution is always at play and that some people move on and to other levels whereas others stay where they are or go in a different direction.  This is so because their energy may no longer be aligned to your energy which upsets the smooth connection.  Another analogy for this is if you use a radio and can't get the knob right on the correct wavelength of the station, you're going to hear static and get irritated because you can't hear anything clearly.  You'll change stations until you get a good connection!  Same with humans: it's all about that same energetic connection.

Some people spend a lot of time and money to achieve their best physical shape and facial beauty. In many cases what they don’t like they have altered by a plastic surgeon.

But one important question is, “how much time or care is ever given to the metaphysical you?” Most people wouldn’t even accept that they have a metaphysical body.

The metaphysical body is what we call 'our intuition‘, ‘that little voice’ or  ‘my heart’.  It’s that deep feeling you may have in relation to an issue in your life. It is usually at odds with your conscious mind (the ego). But it only wants to help and protect you. It’s your ‘soul’.


Because your body is governed by your emotions, it memorises (stores) all traumatic experiences.  If you do not quickly resolve the emotion of the trauma that you experience, the memory stays alive and quietly stagnates within a certain area of the body associated with the troubled ‘feeling’.  What is actually happening is the healthy flow of normal (good) energy in your body in a specific area gets blocked up.  You may not even be aware of the devastation being inflicted upon you. The outward result is sickness, pain dis-ease and accidents. Watch the trailer of the movie E-Motion (at the very bottom of this page). 


Inheriting Ancestors' Traumatic Memories


What some people don’t realise is that as well as inheriting grandmother’s striking blue eyes or great- great-great- grand-father’s cowlick, black hair, weak chin or nervous tic, we also inherit our ancestors’ memories, i.e. those which caused them distress and which remained unresolved.  Most times those are the reasons for ‘inherited diseases’.  The body is a reflection of our thoughts, actions, beliefs and conditions (i.e. what we eat and how we look after ourselves).  The body is burdened by all the toxicity.  It does its best to be perfect and to ‘do its job’ but when it cannot cope anymore, it is overcome by what it fights to stave off.


n.b. distressing memories are fear-based.


A study was carried out in Queensland, Australia, on the Northern Quoll, which were in rapid decline due to their feeding on the notorious introduced poisonous Cane Toad. Eradicating the toad was a lost cause as it had rapidly infested large swathes of Queensland and the Northern Territory. They came up with another solution; to try and change the Quoll's memory.  The scientists cut up the 'safe' part of the cane toad (discarding the poisonous bag), added something to it that would upset the quoll's tummy and fed it to the quolls. It was hoped that this 'memory' of a painful meal would trigger something in their sense of smell when they approached a cane toad and would stop them eating it. The scientists carried out this experiment over a number of weeks. Eventually the quolls were tagged and freed in the bush. It was discovered that the survival rate had been very positive (although some deaths were noted, but not as high as previously noted).  Another study on generational trauma conducted in the USA was carried out on rats which were fed a rose at the same time as putting them through a traumatic experience.  It was discovered that seven generations down, the smell of the that particular rose species triggered fear in those rats!


There are now a number of systems to heal and deal with inherited memories from our ancestors as well as memories that we have stored along the way. EFT is a very simple method, but there are many more helpful techniques such as Energy Medicine pioneered by Donna Eden, the Emotional Code created by Dr. Bradley Nelson and Quantum Healing by Richard Gordon.


EFT -  Emotional Freedom Technique or Meridian Tapping is described as ‘emotional’ acupuncture because it has been effective at healing blockages in the body.  The process consists of tapping specific points on the body to release blocked energy.


Since your body is governed by your emotions, it memorises (stores) all traumatic experiences.  If you do not quickly resolve the emotion of the trauma that you experience, the memory stays alive and quietly stagnates within a certain area of the body associated with the ‘feeling’ that triggered it.  What is actually happening is there is no longer a healthy flow of normal (good) energy in your body in a specific area.  You may not even be aware of the devastation being inflicted upon you.  The outward result is sickness, pain, dis-ease and accidents. N.b. Energy can also be blocked by the wearing of tight clothing, e.g. a bra.  In this case, toxins/lymph is backed up & accumulates where it is stuck (the breast area).

When there is discomfort at an emotional level, if it is strong, it manifests in the body and/or in circumstances in your life. 


Tapping on specific meridians points releases blocked energy and allows it to flow freely again.  This system was devised by the Chinese 5,000 years ago.

Earth is governed by energy, running along certain longitudes which direct water currents (creating tsunamis, floods or droughts), wind power (hurricanes, gales, heat waves) and its crust (earthquakes, volcanoes, geysers).  It is the same for the human body.  We are made of the same energy forces.  Our emotions generate the good or bad flow of energy along our meridians of which there are 13.  On each of these meridians, are many points affecting the flow of energy to that specific site or an area connected to that specific energy.
How they can cause havoc in your body  (2 Scenarios)


Inhale deeply and slowly to a count of seven through the nose and pushing the breath deep down into the lower abdomen.  Feel your tummy expand outwards.  If you put your hand on your tummy, you will feel it inflate.  Imagine your torso like a balloon.  (When you blow a balloon up it usually starts getting bigger from the bottom upwards.) Now still while counting push the breath upwards past the diaphragm and into your lungs.  Feel your rib cage expand and your lungs inflating.  As you get closer to seven you will be close to your throat and ready to expel the air through your mouth. that's when you stop your count to seven and start exhaling to a count of four until all the breath is out.  Start again. Inhale to a count of seven. Exhale to a count of four.  Concentrate on your breath.  Do this as long as you like.  The more you do it, the more effective it is.  The better you will feel.  You are bringing chi/prana/life force to every cell in your body.  Effectively, you're nourishing yourself with the life force.

As babies we breathed this way, but for some reason we forgot how we naturally breathed and took on shallow- breathing (only taking the breath to the lungs) which is not enough to heal and help us.

This Ayurvedic (Indian healing) technique relaxes you.  It also helps you grapple with any anxiety you may feel.  It helps strengthen your immune system. If you have trouble sleeping, do this breathing exercise while you are lying comfortably in your bed.  I have never got past two breaths, i.e. I always fall asleep.  Remember to breathe very slowly and deliberately while concentrating on your breath only.

I found this site which is quite informative and explains the more scientific uses of Pranayama breathing.



The following image denotes the result that large quantities of negative speech and thoughts create (i.e. an explosion - in the circumstances of your life and also contributing to a malaise for everyone (because it is all-encompassing).

Energy is powerful. Example: electricity can light up a room when used properly, but it can also electrocute you if used incorrectly.  As we are made up of 99% energy and only 1% matter, we can only align with similar energies (energies that resemble those that we put out) as those of other people, situations and circumstances.  Everything in the universe has its level of energy.



Aline Habesch copyright (c) 2020

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